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Remnants at Red Creek

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The original township was established around 1856 principally with migrants from Scotland and Germany. These days the ruins are reminders of a Colonial past. Once a stopping off point on the way to the Victorian gold fields, these days it remains very much a rural area with operating farms and a selection of lifestyle properties.

Biological Control of Gorse

YackaYacka in Littlehampton has a history of Gorse infestations. In addition to the mechanical means of controlling it there is evidence that one of the biological controls has reached this area.$file/Biological_Control_of_Gorse_with_the_Gorse_Spider_Mite.pdf   
Hopefully it assists in the control of this weed.

The Stringybark Trees are dying

The Stringybark trees on YackaYacka at Littlehampton are some of the more easterly that I've seen around this area. They tend to grow in the higher rainfall areas of the Mount Lofty Ranges.
Over the last 2 to 3 years there have been increasing numbers of them dying on my property and why that is I am not sure. I thought initially it was because of the preceeding exceptionally dry years but the trees continue to die even in a wet year such as the second half of 2010 into 2011.
8/3/11 - Advice from the Native Vegetation Council

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