YackaYacka is the name of the property where John Sexton resides in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.
It is a home, a retreat, a place to think, a place to travel from and a place to return to.


In a matter of 10 hours there was a dramatic change in the sky at Littlehampton yesterday. From an unseasonal hot Autumn dust storm there was a transition to blue sky and and some clouds drifting in,  Apart from the obvious change in colour, it was the improvement in air quality that was the most noticeable.
JX 12/4/2018

A quick dop back into home today and there was a chance siting of a visiting deer and several of the local Euros. They both stayed still long enough to let me grab these pictures.

It was a month of many contrasts was November. From cool days to cold mornings to very warm days. Was a month of many snakes with 3 being seen close to the house & shed. Was a lot of bird activity, especially from Kookaburras. Lots of Kangaroos, Wallaroos & Euros around. Looks like lots of Joeys on the way. There were lots of wildflowers as well but no photos this year.

As car drivers we all have that rare occasion to use our vehicles horn.
Sometimes to say hello  like an acoustic wave, sometimes to alert other drivers, to say watch out for others and sometimes to warn, threaten, shout at?
A Toot is a cheeky hello I can see you and is normally accompanied by a smile and a wave.
A Honk is a caring raised voice, to warn someone - be careful and stay safe.
A Blast is a scream or shout, sometimes in anger, sometimes frustration, almost like I am going to scare you so you tense up before impact or like an announcement to the whole world that you are being attacked by a vehicle or person unknown and the village alarm must be sounded!
4/11/2015 JX

This was a month where I had the chance to vist some of the local wine and beer makers close to Littlehampton & Hahndorf. Prancing Pony micro brewery at Totness (Hahndorf side of Littlehampton) has expanded and sells their full range of craft beers plus has some meals & burgers etc. The flavours are quite unique and the popularity is growing.
The Lane is a place I alway love to visit and when there I always think of the word provenance ie the story behind what you see. More about this in a later post I think.
John April 2015