Yacka Yacka is the name of the property where John Sexton resides in the Adelaide hills of South Australia. It is a home, a retreat, a place to think, a place to travel from & a place to return to. It is also a refuge to a variety of native vegetation including Orchids & Wildflowers.

Walking Trails. Permission to use some of the walking trails is possible by arrangement, simply make contact via the contact form on the website.

Revegetation. For those with an interest in the environment any assistance with seasonal tree & understory replanting is welcome, simply make contact via the contact form on this website.

The Clouds have gone Crazy

Over the last 6 months I have seen & photographed quite a range of unusual cloud formations. Straight lines? Smoke signals? Fascinator Style?

Why should this be the case? There does not seem to be a common theme to them apart from the fact that they were not rain clouds? As always they are nature on display.

JX 4th May 2020