Dog Years

I heard it mentioned recently that someone had referred to spending a Dog Year in a town. In essence they were saying they did not like it there and that time dragged.
It was this description that made me reflect on how we are all captive at times to our attitudes, how sometimes time seems to fly and at other times it seems to take forever.
So if a dog year is very roughly 7 human years (to use an approximate figure), how is it relevant if at all?
For those in their surrounds unable or unwilling to either escape, accept where they are or put their mind in a different place, time drags. Every second, every minute, every hour feels like an eternity, in effect Dog Years to them  ie time feels like it is taking 7 times as long.
But for some minds, Dog Years do actually fly. So much to see, so much to do. Every sensation, sight, sound, smell, sense, is something to be explored, investigated, experienced. And not enough time to do it!
And so for those people with a natural curiosity, love what they are doing, whose mind is busy on understanding, interacting with & absorbing from those around them & their surrounds – then time is enjoyed & passes very quickly.
With your mindset it can be that time can drag  at the rate of Dog Years or it can fly at the speed of Dog Years.
JX   15/11/2012