Book Review - ' the mesh ' by Lisa Gansky. Why the future of business is sharing!

There is something about this book that makes you think ' ah, thats what is happening ' and gives you a guide to how some have done it and how others could do it.
Published in 2010 by Portfolio Penguin, I was made aware of this book by a reference to it by Seth Godin.
Linda sees the Mesh design as Durable, Flexible, Reparable and Sustainable and in many ways these businesses develop into something that their users drive by thinking aloud (very aloud & very quickly).
It is the ability to test & respond quickly that enables a mesh business to stay cool, to grow and attract other businesses clients who want to be involved in the experience and who place importance on how their personal activities affect others.
This is a book people should get and read.
John 29/5/11